Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sometimes a form letter can be reassuring

No one ever wants a form letter of rejection, but in the case of job seekers, a form letter just saying your resume/application was received would be nice.

For me, it feels like I am working in a vacuum as I look for a job. I send out resumes by the handful, but hear nothing in return. Did my e-mail reach it's destination? I use GMail, so I have know way of knowing for certain my message arrived at its intended destination. (There's no IT department to bug.) So, I sit here wondering - is it me they didn't like or did that not even get my message? That is the most agonizing feeling of all.

Why can't perspective employers turn on an auto-responder to their job inboxes? All we seekers need to know is that you received our e-mail and it's in your system. Just a little assurance that we're not sending our finely crafted cover e-mails and resumes into the cloud of cyberspace.

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