Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In awe of the Hubble mission

Watching the Space Shuttle Atlantis link up with Hubble brings back some fond memories of my roommate and I watching in awe a previous shuttle repair mission as space walkers repaired the telescopes vision 300+ miles above the earth. It was one of the first times you could watch an entire mission live on TV and we were riveted.

That was many years ago and still, I sit here watching (via the Web) in awe. This is dubbed a risky mission by NASA because of the telescope’s high orbit and the amount of space junk floating in said orbit that could fatally damage Atlantis. But which one of us wouldn’t give everything and anything to be one of those astronauts preparing to repair Hubble?

Granted, I’d be so distracted looking out the window, I’m not sure I’d get any work done.

Thanks to NASA TV for letting us peer in on the mission and allowing us to dream like we’re kids again of a great space adventure.

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