Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My name is Jason and I am Bejeweled Blitz addict

Hulu's great commercials featuring Alec Baldwin and Denis Leary claim the online TV service is really an a plot to turn America's mind to mush. While that may be true, I believe the real threat to our productivity and well-being is the Bejeweled Blitz Facebook game. It's got me hooked.

Before you ask what Bejeweled Blitz is, please make sure you have the time to suck out of your life in order to play. Once you play a single game, 30 more are soon to follow.

Bejeweled Blitz is a cousin to the regular Bejeweled game, which I had played off and on in the past (even downloaded it to my iPhone). But Blitz adds a twist: The game only lasts a single minute as you try to score as many points as possible. There's a leader board showing how you fare against your other Facebook friends that play, adding to the competition. That's all well and good, and the addiction would probably end once the Top 10 players were established and the chances of cracking the list were slimmed.

But, Bejeweled Blitz's creators, PopCap Games, ratchets things up by clearing scores every couple weeks and starting a new tournament. Now you have have chance to be Number One, starting from scratch!

Though each singular game is quick, the minutes can quickly add up as productivity slides, chores remain undone and work is ignored. For procrastinators such as myself, it's a Godsend to putting off doing the things we hate doing.

I'm sure there will be addiction centers and support groups springing up around the country – or at least a Facebook Fan Page – soon. For productivity's sake, I hope so.

I am Jason and I am Bejeweled Blitz addict.

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